Oprah Opinion

Yeah, I voted with the 75%. I probably wouldn't have voted that way if she stayed with entertainment and away from spirituality.. of course I haven't watched her in years.. but knowledge.. or a lack of it.. never has stopped me from having an opinion. How would you have voted?


  1. I'm with the 75%, definitely. People are so easily swayed, and she is very convincing and charming. I don't think she is deliberately leading people away from the Truth, but she's got a powerful personality.

    The wait for her tickets is very long, and it helps to know someone if you want to see a particular episode. I used to have a connection, but never got a ticket.

  2. I think Oprah is a wonderful influence on people. She motivates people (particularly women) to live up to their full potential. She does a lot of stories on mental and physical health. She gives away and motivates others to give away millions of dollars to the poor and underprivileged. Her show "The Big Give" was one of the best on TV in that it showed how ordinary people, with limited resources can make major changes in people's lives.

    I think a lot of the criticism against Oprah is from people who do not watch or rarely watch her program. I also think there are those critics who are jealous of her influence. I tease my wife about how much sway Oprah holds over her. But, in all serious, Oprah doesn't tell people what to do and what not to do other than try to be a better person. I haven't seen her advocate a particular religion or speak against any religion (which seems to be a big hang up a lot of Christians have with Oprah).

  3. Agree with you TZ that if Oprah misleads it is not intentional.

    Thanks for the feedback Brian.. glad to get an alternate view from someone who watches teh show.

  4. I didn't mean to give the impression that I watch Oprah "religiously" (pun intended). I do not. I do catch it on occasion. I was a fan of the Big Give though. Unfortunately, Oprah pulled the plug on the next season because the ratings weren't up to her standards. Conceptually, the show was kind of like the movie "Pay It Forward".

  5. I'm with the 75%. I must also add that the reason I say this is because While I think Oprah has had a good influence on people as she has been very charitable and encouraged others to live up to their potential, I think the eternal "damage" she is causing by leading people away from the Truth of the Bible overrides any worldly or temporary good she is doing.


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