Top 10 Movies by Genre

The AFI recently published their list of Americs'a 10 Greatest Films in 10 Classic Genres. Consequently, I thought that I woud list mine as well:
  • Animation: Beauty and the Beast (Couldn't believe how moving it was)

  • Romantic Comedies: Moonstruck (Cher's best)

  • Western: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Really changed Oater Movies. I loved Eli Wallach!)

  • Sports: Rocky (better than Raging Bull -the AFI pick)

  • Mystery: The Sixth Sense (fooled me all the way)

  • Fantasy: King Kong (the original and the latest version)

  • Sci-Fi: Star Wars (all others are judged against this one)

  • Gangster: The Godfather (agree with the AFI on this one)

  • Courtroom Drama: The Verdict (Newman at his best)

  • Epic: The 10 Commandments (love the story and special effects)

What would be on your list?


  1. Hi Kansas Bob ~~ thanks for stopping by my Sunday Mediation and your nice comments.

    This looks fun ~~ but I'm getting ready for church ~~ will come back and give you my answers this afternoon.


  2. Animation: You got it ~ Beauty and the Beast.
    Romantic Comedy ~ I loved Moonstruck
    Western -Lonesome Dove
    Sports - Rocky - Bagger Vance
    Mystery - Suspect w/ Cher
    Fantasy- Forever Young
    Sci Fi - Of course Star Wars
    Gangster -The Godfather set
    Courtroom - Can't remember the title - but Gene Hackman - About rigging the jury!
    Epic - Ben Hur, Spartigus,
    Just a favorite Movie = The Gladiator!!

    That was fun ---but too many movies to pick from.

  3. I think that was Runaway Jury, Wanda and I agree that it was a great movie. I liked Forever Young too.

  4. I can't choose them all, but I'll add:

    Romantic Comedies: The Philadelphia Story (the one with Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart and Katherine Hepburn)- I can quote large sections back to the screen

    Gangster - I agree: The Godfather I and II, without a doubt. Some of the greatest morality plays written in our time. Also Casino and Goodfellas.

    What category would "Kill Bill" fall under? That movie is weird and disturbing but I find myself staring at it every time I pass it while channel-surfing.

  5. Nice topic...

    Animation: Fantasia
    Romantic Comedy: Manhattan
    Western: Blazing Saddles
    Sports: Tokyo Olympiad
    Mystery: The Third Man
    Fantasy: Time Bandits
    Sci Fi: RoboCop
    Gangster: Pierrot Le Fou
    Courtroom: To Kill a Mockingbird
    Epic: Seven Samurai

    I went outside the boundaries of American films, but that's what came to my mind for my favorites.

  6. Thanks for the entries everybody. I just have to ditto these as some of my favorites:

    Ben Hur, Sparticus, Gladiator, RoboCop and To Kill a Mockingbird.

  7. Hey Kansas Bob ~~

    Just saw your comment on June 24, 1961 ~~ Well Happy Anniversay back to you and your wife.

    Was it hot in June where you got married??

  8. Thanks Wanda! Weather in KC wasn't too bad that day.. but the next day in Acapulco was perfect :)


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