Economic Stimulus Check

Have you gotten your stimulus check yet? We got ours and plan to put it in the bank.. we will not be buying anything new.. thus it will not stimulate the economy here in Kansas.

What are you planning to do with your check? Has it stimulated your economy enough to spend it or put it in savings? If you spend it will it be on something that you would not have normally purchased?


  1. We just received ours yesterday and will save it until January. We will be celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary and would like to take a cruise to celebrate. I don't think it will stimulate the economy much as its only $800.00.
    Great question and I like the true.

  2. I got $600 a few weeks ago. Spent $200 on some shoes that are suppose to help my back not hurt (I am still wondering if they help or not....they seem to)

    The rest is paying for my car insurance bills that just arrived (my son's car and my car)

  3. We debated it, but honor won out. We've had a mattress and plastic drawers for for our 13+ years of marriage. So it was a bed frame, dresser and night stand - and no, without the payment, we would not have bought them.

  4. We'll put it in the bank, if it and our federal tax refund ever come! It probably won't stay there long.....we need to replace our 25 year old washer and dryer.

    Sigh....had to pay $450 last week to get our a/c fixed. Hope I won't have to worry about that in the next life!

  5. Mine is all going to health care bills. So I guess I am stimulating the economy. Not to fun but, a must do.

  6. Okay, with 5 comments in here is the recap:

    Wannabe: Will cruise either way

    Barbara: Stimulating shoes

    Missy: Stimulating BR furniture

    CR: Gonna buy a stimulating washer/dryer

    LTF: Paying unstimulating bills.

    3 out of 5 of you are so stimulating :)

  7. I wanted to make sure I could remember where the money went, so I applied to my share of my mother's 80th birthday party! Well spent!


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