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I recently got some feedback from a friend that the music on my blog's playlist was a bit distracting.. I consequently turned off the autostart feature. It got me to wondering.. so I thought that I'd take a poll and get your opinions:

Please vote.. and leave a comment as well.. if not for me do it for the sake of bloggers all over the world :)


  1. Autostart music is one of those things that seems like a good idea. But, it really is not.

    I'm usually listening to music in iTunes when I'm surfing (and I want sound). So, when I hit a site and Enya starts playing overtop of what I'm listening to, it makes an awful noise. The other day I when I hit your blog I was listening to something for the first time and began wondering why they dubbed that music over it until I figured out what you had done. At least the option to stop the music was there. I did appreciate that.

    Also, sometimes you're surfing when you're supposed to be talking to someone on the telephone or you're in an office environment. Then, bam! You hit a site where music starts blaring (not yours- your music was nice and soothing). You have to scramble for the back button or the mute button or anything to get it to stop!

    I never listen to music on a site unless someone has specifically posted a song for me to listen to and evaluate or I'm visiting a site for a band I'm checking out.

  2. Ditto :) I sometimes have my music on and then wonder why it sounds funny and its because there are two songs playing simultaneously.

  3. Yup, I am with Brian.
    Which is also why I am usually on mute, my PC I mean :) so I did not know you had autostarting music in your blog!!!

  4. Yeah ususally people's taste in music is not as rawkin' as mine so I prefer that it doesn't auto-start. I come to your site to read your words, not hear your playlist.

  5. I am usually listening to music when I'm surfing the internet. But that's why auto start music players have pause buttons.

    It's just not a big deal to me. The music expresses who you are, and I dig learning that kind of stuff about people.

    For example... never in a millions years would I have guessed Enya for you. But now I know.


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