Tim Russert, 1950-2008

I am in shock at the news of Tim's passing. I loved to watch this man comment on the news. Tim had such a zeal for the news and especially for politics. He was one year younger than me. May God grant peace and comfort to his family.

The video below is a fitting tribute to Tim by Chuck Todd. I love the way that Chuck speaks of Tim as an advocate for fathers, a father figure and a man who cared about the folks he worked with.


  1. "Shocked" was my response too. He was one of my favorites. He was one of the few that I felt was genuinely fair in his interviews.

    We need more Russerts!

  2. Tim Russert will be greatly missed in my household. He was one of the great journalist of our time. Tough,fearless, always prepared, fair, but always allowed his guest to speak for themselves. I never missed his show...so...he will be greatly missed....

  3. Here in Washington tonight, the channels have been filled with tributes to Russert -- particularly on the local NBC affiliate, which broadcasts from the studio right next to MTP. I've heard some remarkable comments and stories, and to a person everyone is of the belief that there's no one who can replace him. I can see someone like David Gregory taking over hosting duties, but they'll be second-tier compared to Russert.

    What a class act -- and I have the feeling, as do millions of other people, that he was almost an unofficial member of the family because of how often he was broadcast into our home (and on to my iPod)...

  4. One of the best ever and certainly one of the best of our time. I was shocked to hear of his passing. When, I saw the headline something like Tim Russert Tragedy, I thought his father had passed.

    Felt like I knew the man. Prayers for his family.



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