The Island | ★★★★★★★

Ann and I caught the DVD version of this movie this week and were pleasantly surprised. Here are a few comments from Rotten Tomatoes reviewers:
The pace of this roller coaster ride becomes too furious to remember that it all started out as an adventure addressing some pertinent ethical issues about the pitfalls of stem cell research, cloning, and bio-genetics. -Kam

If only some of that product placement coin was spent on working on a few more drafts of the screenplay, The Island could have been a much better film. -Michael

It seems to assume that its audience is made of idiots, constantly reminding us of the simple plot details and having characters define things for each other. -Jeffery

The film remains a patchwork of clichés -- evil corporations, evil Frankenstein-like scientists, and so forth -- which is the one kind of cloning that Hollywood does accept. -Peter

What a Fun Ride, I think it's Bay's Best! -Michael

Actually a fairly decent sci-fi thriller for its first half. -Rob
Take it from this idiot - if you are looking for a reality escape this movie isn't a bad trip into Sci-Fi land. I did notice a lot of product placed.. guess even in 100 years people will still be drinking and driving the same stuff.

On a scale of 10 I give this movie ★★★★★★★ for imagination, action and escapism.

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