Electric Car Conspiracy?

Click on the image and let me know what you think. Personally I find it difficult to believe that our US governmental and industrial leaders are so stupid and ignorant. It is hard to believe that we in the USA are looking at $5/gallon gas prices this summer. It is easier to buy the conspiracy theory than to admit that we as a nation have been so short sighted.


  1. I saw that flick a while back. It's a pretty interesting show. I recommend watching it for the full story.

  2. I just bought this DVD at Costco the other day and am looking forward to seeing it pretty soon...

  3. Never heard of the movie. And I hate to say "I told you so.". But, I studied alternative fuels in college (and I graduated in '82). I saw this coming then. We were working on technology to change coal into clean burning natural gas and liquid fuels. The projection at the time was that while gasoline was "expensive" (I think it was like $1.50/gal), it needed to go to $2.00/gal for the alternative fuels to be cheaper than gasoline (all Americans ever seem to be concerned about).

    The oil companies bought up all the technology and sat on it. By the time I graduated, America had fallen back to sleep. The "crisis" was over. Gasoline was cheap again and nobody cared. It was only a matter of time before we went through this again. Those of us who remember the 70's and 80's have already seen what we see playing out now before. Will we fall asleep again? I hope not. How many times must we go through this same thing? Time to get off of oil!


  4. "Will we fall asleep again?"

    That is THE QUESTION Brian.. it i why I favor Obama in November :)

  5. I saw the film--thought it was pretty much a joke full of conspiracy theories.

  6. I also saw the film a while back. I found it very interesting, and highly recommend it. As far as it being a joke, I don't laugh when I go to the pump, I would laugh if I had an electric car though...

  7. From Chuck:
    I, too, highly recommend the film. The money-grubbers running the American auto industry have always been more interested in their short-term profits than in looking ahead.
    After WWII, GM was heavily invested in buses and waged successful campaigns in many large cities to tear up the street car tracks in favor of modern transportation, i.e., go-anywhere buses. (Many cities are again moving back to "rail" as a way to efficiently move citizens.)
    Regarding the film: it was an oil company that acquired the "higher capacity battery" company and then refused to sell that battery for cars. And it is GM and oil companies that profits again and again from the every-three-thousand-mile oil change with its required parts and oil.


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