Democratic Veepstakes

Great, and kinda funny, video regaling the top ten frontrunners for the Democratic Party Vice Presidential pick. I would love to see #9 Chuck Hagel get picked but seriously doubt that Obama is that serious about bipartisanship. I do think that #10 Bill Richardson will get picked.. that is if their is no substance to the video's innuendo :)

At any rate I sincerely hope that Obama will not acquiesce to #1 pick Hillary Clinton - he doesn't need her to win and she would be a huge detractor to his campaign because she and husband Bill love to showboat and are addicted to the limelight.

Who do you think will get the Veep nod from Barack Obama?


  1. I'm pretty certain it won't be Hillary. Besides that, I don't know. Richardson would be a good VP, I think. But, woud he hurt Obama in Appalachia? A Black and a Latino on the ticket!

    I think Hillary will find it's better to be in the senate with her new-found clout than to be VP, which is really a nothing kind of job anyway.


  2. Hagel would be a VERY interesting choice. But my money's on John Edwards.

  3. That was FUNNY! And informative. I don't think Hilary would take it if she was offered, I mean VP - thats not a very big deal :)


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