Republican Veepstakes

I posted on the Democratic race for the second nod on Friday. I thought that I'd post about McCain's choice today. This video isn't as funny but does surface a few of the things that McCain has to be thinking about. Can't believe that they mentioned (barf) Newt Gingrich but not Mitt Romney - I think that conventional wisdom gives Romney the nod but I am not too sure that he will get it. What do you think about Condi for Veep?


  1. Joseph Farah suggested on WND that McCain might pick Hillary. That would certainly be interesting.

  2. I think Condi would be a brilliant choice. But many people will see it as another extension of the Bush Admin, which is not too popular these days. However, Condi has managed to distance herself (for the most part) from the negative image of the Bush admin.

  3. I'm surprised there was no mention of Rice, Jindal, and as KB said, Romney. It's easy to say you can't think of anyone when you leave out three leading options.

    I'm not a big Romney fan (for some reason he seems pretentious and fake), but I agree he would be the logical candidate. Experience - governor of populous state; age - not too young or old; conservative - but not an "extremist."

    Will be interesting to see who gets the nod.


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