The Cone of Silence

With the new Get Smart movie coming out in a few weeks I just had to post about the cone. It is one of the most memorable gag scenes in the TV series. I have fond memories of the show and look forward to seeing the movie - eventually J

Anyone out there old enough to remember the series.. at least the syndication version?


  1. Oh yeah, I'm old enough. :-)

    I just wish that translating Get Smart into something this generation could appreciate didn't involve so much sophisticated humor. Get Smart was so unsophisticated and I don't remember it as crass. It'll be a pity to see that played for Generation Millenium.

  2. yeah, me too.

    Love his fumbling around.

  3. That was such a catchy tune, too! I have it stuck in my brain just from reading this post (can't see the video, work net nanny blocks everything).

    We thought it was funny, but we kids suspected that we were missing out on part of the humor, which was good, made it worth paying better attention to.

  4. I'm with Cowboy about what they might have done to the show. I loved this show.

  5. Sadly, Christianity Today says that the movie is simply not funny.. too bad.. guess we will wait for it to hit the video rack :(


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