Remembering RFK

40 years ago I was riding on the Staten Island ferry when the news broke that Bobby Kennedy was murdered. I was 19 years old and getting ready to enter military service. I felt shock then and feel sad today when I think about it.

Do you remember that day? What were you doing when you heard the news. How did you feel then?


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  2. I don't remember it. I was in first grade- probably more interested in summer break than politics at that time.

  3. Hi Bob,

    Sorry to say that I don't remember it either. I was probably 11 months old! :)

  4. I vaguely remember it - yet I remember hearing about JFK as if it were yesterday and I was only 5. Its a strong memory because I saw my mom cry for the first time and could sense her devastation. I also remember how silent the world got for a few days....walking in the grocery store people talked in hushed tones, the country was in unity in their mourning and it affected even a little 5 year old girl.

  5. I was in seventh grade and it was not so sad as scary. Martin Luther King had been assasinated two months before, parts of Chicago had gone up in flames - we could see the smoke on the horizon from our suburb to the west. My dad was a cop and we were worried about him, worried about the world, scared in general.

    Our class had a mock presidential campaign and I was on RFK's campaign team. I think it was more of having a crush on him than any political acuteness on my part.

    Sad scary time there, 1968. To me, that's what ended the happy hippy "Laugh In" mood of the nation, not so much Altamont.


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