Senatorial Experience

On Wednesday retire general Wesley Clark opined about John McCain's lack of experience. It got me to wondering and thinking about how it has been a very long time since we elected a senator to the office of US President. In 1974 former senator Lyndon Johnson was elected president.. an office he ascended to when President Kennedy was assassinated. In 1974 former congressman Gerald Ford became president when President Nixon stepped down and in 1988 former congressman and Vice President George HW Bush was elected president.

In reflecting on this I began thinking about the whole idea of experience.. and wondering what kind of experience is required to hold the office of president. It seems that the executive experience that many state governors have is somewhat desirable.. yet not all governors govern well.. corporate executives, such as for HP CEO Carly Fiorina, have it.. but not all lead or have led well. Neither Obama or McCain have this kind of experience so I wonder what kind of experience we Americans are looking for.

It seems to me that successful leadership experience would be desirable.. maybe someone know of ways that either McCain or Obama have led either in the senate or in their other pursuits. John McCain chaired the Senate's committee on Indian Affairs.. not sure of other ways that he has led. In 2003 Obama became chairman of the Illinois Senate's Health and Human Services Committee and in 2001 co-chaired the Illinois Senate's bipartisan Joint Committee on Administrative Rules.

I confess that.. unless you think that years lived equals experience.. I don't see experience as a trump card for either candidate. So I gotta ask.. who do you think has the experience edge? Will it matter to you when you vote?


  1. It will boil down to the quality and sincerity of the smile.

    Always has since I cast my first ballot for Carter, and not Reagan, in the 1st grade.


  2. Can't vote in the US elections being a citizen of New Zealand prevents me from entering the polling booth!!!

    The way I see it, experience will be the word both candidates will use to gain the edge. But I agree with you - experience does not equate with years lived.

    Like Jesus, being only around 33 years of age when He took that long lonely walk up Calvary's slope. His active ministry would of started in His 30's I'm sure many would of thought - there he is, just a young over zealous youth.

  3. Hi Pastor Bob,

    Hope you don't mind. I prefer that to Kansas Bob.

    Thanks for leaving a comment in my post Medical Leave and for your kind words. Must have been you prayers. I am out and about now.

    Fellow fan of Bruce Lee (Lee Siow Leung or little dragon)?

    Peter Blog*Star
    Dream Driven Life(TM) or Mission Driven Life(TM)

  4. Sincerity.. I guess in a sense that is what it is all about Missy.. when a candidate is interviewed and comes off as sincere they endear themselves to us.

    Peter, I am more of a Jackie Chan/Jet Li/Chow Yun-Fat kind of a guy :)


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