Charmin Wedding Dress

Katrina Chalifoux of Illinois beams with first-place toilet paper wedding dress at Ripley's Believe It or Not in Times Square. She used seven rolls of toilet paper to create the intricate floral bodice and cascading train on her dress, which she said took several weeks to complete. She won $1,000 for her stunning creation.

Give me a break!


  1. Hmmmm...she would be a big hit at bridal showers where they make you make TP bridal gowns as a game.

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  3. Hmm .. I don't know how .. umm .. strong .. the American product is, but I hope it never gets worn in a downpour! (resisting all jokes about bridal showers)

  4. This thing is a joke (actually "joke[s}") waiting to happen.
    (Resisting all jokes about anything wedding or toilet paper.)


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