A Day of Remembrance and Hope

To commemorate the day I thought I'd give you an excerpt from an article having the same title as this post:
In 1988 the World Health Organization designated December 1 as World AIDS Day. In the ensuing 19 years, significant progress has been made in fighting the feared disease; but at the same time, this progress has been insufficient to stop the HIV virus that causes AIDS from continuing as a global threat.

The good news is that HIV and AIDS are no longer a death sentence, at least not in the most developed nations like our own. The virus is considered treatable and preventable, while combinations of drugs have controlled its deadly spread.

International organizations estimate that global infection has stabilized in recent years at 33 million. Africa is the region where the spread is still out of control, representing 72% of all new cases around the world.
I long for the day when a cure is found for diseases such as AIDS, ALS, Cancer, MS, Diabetes and other devastating diseases.. and pray for hope and comfort to come to those afflicted with these terrible diseases along with their families and friends.

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