Saying Goodbye to CDs, Yellow Pages, Faxes..

According to this article these things have joined the ranks of cassette players and became obsolete in the past decade:
  • CDs.. iPods and MP3 players are all the rage;
  • Land-line phones.. I still have one.. do you?
  • Yellow Pages.. never was a green solution;
  • Wires.. guess they are not counting cables;
  • Calling.. not sure why they included that one;
  • Fax Machines.. some places still use them I guess;
  • Film Cameras.. rest-in-peace Cannon EOS SLR camera;
  • Dial-up Internet.. replaced by what you are using now;
  • Encyclopedias.. who needs them.. just Google an answer;
  • Catalogs.. I still get some of these unwanted recyclables;
  • Hand-written Letters.. Christmas cards don't count;
  • Newspaper Classifieds.. eclipsed by Monster, eBay and Craig's List.
I would also add newspapers.. the paper kind.. to the list.. my fair and balanced news of choice comes in via RSS to my Google Reader. Even so, looking over the list, this geeky kind of guy has to admit that I still do play CDs and daily use my land-line.. other than that I really don't miss anything on the list.. and I do think that it won't be long before DVDs and bulky TVs are added to the list.

How about you? Do you miss anything on the list? Anything you'd add to the list?


  1. I still buy CDs. The highest quality way of getting music and when I rip them myself I don't have to worry about DRM.

    Still have a land line. Not sure why I pay $600 a year for one.

    I haven't used the Yellow Pages in at least ten years.

    Wires- definitely not obsolete. A quick glance under my desk shows that.

    Calling- I guess this has given way to texting. Still prefer to talk.

    I HATE it when someone asks/requires me to fax something. I got rid of my fax machine years ago.

    Film cameras- haven't used on in at least 8-10 years

    Still get tons of catalogs. But, I agree they are passe'.

    I only get the newspaper on Sunday for the ads and so the girls can read the comics. I

  2. I switched to an internet phone a few years ago. The internet phone is out only when my cable modem needs to be reset. The internet phone service provides all features for no additional charge. Big $ savings.

    I got a Kindle for Christmas. I hadn't seen one before and didn't think that I would like it but I do. The display is very comfortable and easy to read. It even has a limited web browser. The electronic books are inexpensive.

  3. I still have some CDs but am an iPod girl
    There is a land line in the house I live in but I only have a cell.
    Yellow Pages - I'm surprised they are still around, but people like my mom still use them.
    I like texting and calling
    Had to use a fax machine in my last job - weird
    I love digital cameras
    Still have a set of Encyclopedias to show my grandkids someday.
    I wrote lots of letters recently - can't email someone in jail.

  4. it's really kinda sad about the written letters. emails are so impersonal... are there people who actually read the emails they received years ago from loved ones?

  5. I do have a folder that I keep some emails in Rygel.. of course you can't fold them or put them in a bottle :)

  6. I'm already on the anti DVD list. All movies I have bought in the last year have been digitally. These and blu-ray will be gone this decade. By the way, I have inglorious Basterds on my Zune now and it can be hooked up to a TV. I would like to add to the list also the desktop PC.

  7. Thanks all! You all mentioned some obsolete items I had not considered.

  8. I still like CDs and the Yellow pages. I haven't had much luck with internet directories and I like holding the CD in my hand and having the control of being able to rip it at home and work and wherever without DRM restrictions.


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