Does Science Have Room For Miracles?

This question of science and miracles was asked a while back at Beliefnet's Science and the Sacred blog. Here is how one commenter responded:

Because science is limited to the natural world, it cannot address the question of whether or not miracles occur. This is not a flaw of science; rather, it is one of its strengths. I don't even think it is proper to ask whether or not science has room for miracles. How could it?
I like that answer.. I think that it speaks to the purpose and limitations of science. I find science to be a useful tool in that it helps our brain understand the physical universe. It is limited though because it does not help us to understand the deeper things of the universe.

Ann and I watched the HD version of The Nativity Story last night. I have to admit.. the story moves me deeply.. seeing the responses of Mary and Joseph to angelic visitations simply inspires me and so engages my heart.. and watching God the Son come into the world takes my breath away. Maybe that is what Christmas is all about.. a miracle that science and our brains cannot comprehend.. a miracle that we can only embrace with our hearts.


  1. Amen to our FAITH brother. Halleujah unto us a saviour is born. There's heaps of evidence the bible is true especially concerning the number of prophecies that have come true to the letter. David Jeremiahs' book "What in the world's going on?" is excellent. But faith is my favourite thing because it is a God given gift and blessed are they who having not seen believe.

  2. There is so many things that do not make sense and so much that we do not understand, and sometimes things that don't even seem plausible. But that is where humility comes in. Science is good, but has its limitations.

    The problem exists as it does in the church, when someone oversteps their limitations and believes that they are the one who has all the answers.


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