Good Riddance Day

Today is "Good Riddance Day".. a chance to say good-bye to all the bad things that happened this year, like annoying friends, bad financial decisions and heartbreaking sports teams.

It is a time when New Yorkers bring all their unwanted 2009 memories to Times Square and put them in a shredder.

It sounds like a pretty therapeutic idea. Maybe I need to stick something in my shredder?

Anything you want to shred?


  1. It's been a good year for me and I look for 2010 to be a good year to. It is a good idea though to put aside any back things the year might have brought and look toward the new.

  2. Are we allowed to shred things like don't belong to us? Certain political things come to mind...

  3. Good Riddance Day sounds like a great idea to me. We need something like that down here in oz


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