Chocolate Covered Resolutions

In a blog post titled Successful New Year Resolutions Mark Herringshaw proposes these five steps that goal setting experts say will "dramatically increase the likelihood that New Year resolutions will prompt genuine transformation in our lives":
  1. Make our intentions measurable and specific. I need to lose weight and I'm putting that objective into a concrete goal: "I will weigh 185 pounds on March 8, 2010 and stay there until December 31, 2010."
  2. Write them. Putting goals into words works a wonder. Psychologists suggest this exercise frees the left brain from asking "what?" and releases the right brain to solve "how?" I'm putting goals into words here and now... You can do the same in the comments section below if you choose!
  3. Tell someone. Asking for accountability from someone we trust brings extra leverage to our commitments. I'm sharing my resolutions with a friend I'm meeting with tomorrow. On top of that, I'm going public with one of them here...
  4. Formalize no more than five personal goals at a time. Five is the capacity of our focus. Trimming my "wishes" down to five priorities is difficult but necessary if I'm going to move beyond "hope" to "will."
  5. Pray. Yes, pray. I realize up front that I'm doomed to fail with all my plans to change myself. Yes, disillusion too is a necessary step, and with it a cry for help. Jesus once said, "Apart from me you can do nothing." In other words, all my intentions and plans AND commitments and disciplines Will in the end fall short. I'm not strong enough or focused enough, even with all the right strategies. Yes, I can improve the odds of success, but I can never dodge Jesus' tenet: "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak." My spiritual mentor, Morris Vaagenes once put this principle into a prayer: "I can't, you can, please do, thank you!" That is the key to transformation... and resolution... I can't. Jesus can, through me. I can ask for that change, and then thank him for that completed promise.
I am not a big believer in New Years resolutions but I am a fan of setting goals. I think that we sometimes drift through life because we do not have a clue about who we are or what we want to do. So I am wondering about you.. do you make resolutions this time of year or are you more like me.. planning all the time.. and constantly readjusting those plans?


  1. HA! This is cute! I know better than to make resolutions, but I do plan on focusing on a few things this coming year.

    Thank you Bob and Ann, for being such caring friends through this difficult year!

    Happy New Year to you both. 2010 is going to rock!

  2. Hi Bob ~ I don't keep resolutions very well, but I do keep a "What Matter's Most" close by to review and see if I'm staying on target with those things in my life that matter most.

    I just came from a dear blogger friend, Martha from and she has shared the most beautiful pray on her blog today. She just lost her father a few weeks ago, and I think you might enjoy reading her prayer. I also think she would be a good contributor on Daily Prayer if you are looking for another devoted believer.
    Happy New Year to you and Ann

  3. i never could keep my resolutions for more than a month :p but I might be successful this time :D

  4. I accomplished my 2009 goals. And, just like everyone else who achieved theirs, whether they know it or not, prayer had nothing to do with it.

    See my 2010 goals here:


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