McSuckered No More

Had to update to this 8/13/07 post (below) because the Wall Street Journal reported this week that:
McDonald's Corp. will soon start offering free wireless Internet access at its U.S. restaurants as part of the fast-food chain's transformation from its hamburger roots into a hang-out destination.

Starting in mid-January, McDonald's will lift a $2.95 fee that it had charged customers for two hours of wireless Internet access, available at about 11,000 of its 14,000 domestic locations, McDonald's USA Chief Information Officer David Grooms said in an interview.
Kudos to Mickey D regardless of what their reasoning is.

Do you think this news will affect where you drink your lattes?

Doesn't say FREE anywhere on this, does it? Arghh!!

Sometimes they just sucker you in L


  1. Wow. I can go to lots of places in my area that have Wi-Fi and all I need to do agree not to abuse their system.

    Who'd have thunk that McD's would be so money hungry as to charge for Wi-Fi.

    I do hope you didn't get suckered into paying.

  2. Suckered into buying a burger - yes ... paying for WiFi ... I live in Kansas not in Arkansas ... sorry for the jab to anyone from Little Rock :)


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