Bible in 15 Words

Kevin posted his submission to this challenge to summarize the bible in 15 words over at his place. Here is my shot at it:
  • Eden;
  • Eden lost;
  • Jewish cultural religion;
  • Jesus brings back Eden;
  • Relationship with Jesus not religion.
The rules are to summarize the Bible in five statements, the first one word long, the second two, the third three, the fourth four and the last five words long. Or you can do it in descending order.Then tag five people.

If you read this consider yourself tagged.. you can answer in the comments or over at your place.. let me know if you post at your place.


  1. GOLD
    BLACK: Broken
    RED: Jesus pays
    WHITE: My fresh start
    GREEN: Growth in loving relationships

  2. Dear Mankind,

    I love you.
    But you broke my heart.
    I still love you.


  3. okay, I blew the word count per line. How's this...(I am told you can reverse the sequence from 5 to 1)

    Creation shows God's eternal love
    But then came sin
    God's heart broke
    Love prevailed

  4. I love the diversity of thought in these.

  5. Mankind has choice.
    Knowledge of sin.
    Sacrifice for sin.
    Forgive the sinners.
    Justified by grace.


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