I Crack Myself Up!

I love to laugh. I shared this Bill Cosby quote today on Facebook:
"Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it."
I followed it up in a comment by saying:
Humor gets me through life.. laughter is very therapeutic.. I often laugh out loud.. the older I get the more I am able to laugh at myself.. and there is plenty of material there to smile about
So with that backdrop I thought that would share a few things about me that crack me up:
  • OCD: I often become aware of my obsessive and compulsive nature.. don't ask me how much time I spend obsessing over blog templates or other computerish things.
  • Personal Appearance: I have to laugh when people think that only the gals are obsessed with their looks.. guys are often obsessed with the hair on their face and the lack of it on their heads.. I am no exception.
  • Phone Calls: I love to answer the phone with "Joe's Pizza Shop" or some other bogus greeting.. caller id is my friend.
  • Dancing: Not a pretty image but I laugh when I think about how I move to the music.. and am glad that we do not have more mirrors in the house.
  • TV: I really get involved with it.. my wife tells me that she is amazed at how often I laugh out loud at The Office and Seinfeld.. says she can hear it all through the house.. I won't go into the way that I can tear up with sad movies though.
  • Serious Bob: I chuckle when I reflect on the ways that I take myself serious.. really.. the things I have gotten upset at cracks me up. I have learned that being right is not all that important.
I know that my children could add pages to the list.. may you could too.. but I digress.

What things about you crack you up? Be brave and share at least one thing.. it may be a bit therapeutic.. and it might make you laugh out loud.


  1. I have a warped perspective on things Bob. I could get mugged or lose my job or deal with a death in the family without getting upset or rattled. But paper jams in the copy machine? WATCH OUT!

  2. you and my brother have the "joe's pizza" thing in common. i often tell him it doesn't take to much to entertain himself. :)

    and if you don't laugh out loud at The Office, there might be something wrong with you!

  3. Oddly enough, my sense of humor cracks me up. I see humor in the strangest places sometimes.

  4. My husband makes me laugh.
    Hearing things on the news that say serious things in a strange way, like...he was shot in the garage...I didn't know he had a garage on his person. Warped I know...

  5. I just had to share this great story that Chari relayed on FB:

    ""This is an interesting topic. I've been in both places...the place of minimization, and the therapeutic effects of laughter. When our firstborn son was only 3 months old & in the hospital facing a couple heart surgeries, I thought my heart would break. The night he was admitted to the hospital & had been diagnosed with multiple heart problems, we had had plans to have dinner with close friends. We called them to cancel because of the news we had just received, figuring we would be very poor company. They asked "Well, you need to eat dinner anyway, just come. We won't expect you to be good company. Let us minister to you". So we went. We got to reminiscing, eventually chatting (though my mind was still at the hospital with our tiny sick son). Eventually, they began to tastefully tell funny stories and in spite of my deep pain, I found myself actually laughing - sometimes so hard tears were streaming down my cheeks. These people were not minimizing our pain. They cried with us when we told them our tale. But they also had a real knack for cheering us up. Hubby & I left their house to return to the hospital greatly strengthened and feeling better up to facing our difficult situation. For those who are curious...our son is 26 today, married and the father of a precocious 3 year old girl and another on the way. God is so good. And, yes, I believe strongly that He has designed laughter as a healing balm for humans. "A merry heart does good like a medicine".""

  6. There is a saying "A man who can laugh at himself will never cease to be amused." It's a favorite of mine. :)

    I have been known to start an IM conversation with "Now cut that out!" Now what does that tell you about me, Bob?

  7. So true, Bob! I love the quote and also what you said about laughter. Lots of things that make me laugh, that's one thing I miss about my former job, I had some very funny co-workers. Have you ever answered the phone by saying "Bob's Butchery, what's your beef?"

  8. That butchery line got Ann laughing this morning Barbara.. thanks for the medicine.

  9. Another story from FB as relayed by my long time friend Roger:

    "An old Jewish man, a relative of mine by marrage, told me an absolutely amazing story. He was one of a small group of men who were led, naked, by SS guards into a room containing a small mountain of ragged prision uniforms. The Jewish men would deliberately choose the most ill fitting clothes (way to big, or small) and then laugh at the way each other looked. The human sprit was somehow able to find humor in the most abject circumstances immaginable."

  10. I hope you guys find this funny. My husband who's out of the picture now used to answer the phone with: City Morgue, spare parts. Or city morgue, you stab em we slab em. A bit shocking but his friends thought he was funny. What you said about mens vanity made me smile though. He also used to look in the mirror and say " It's true, I am good looking. he he. Something funny my ex sister-in-law did was look at her watch while driving across the border and when asked why she kept looking at her watch she answered that she was looking to see her watch change time with the time difference. She's never lived that one down.lol. But I laugh at the telly all the time too when there's a funny show on. Out loud even when I'm watching it by myself.


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