Blog Visit from the Pope?

I got an email over the weekend from NeoWorx (a blog widget maker)..
here is the message and image that they sent me:

You just had your first visitor from Vatican City.

I am always amazed at the places that show up on my NeoWorx visitor widget.. visitors from 149 countries have visited since I added it to my sidebar last year. Of course many of those visitors probably just land here from a Google search.. still it is fun to see how much of the world lands here.

And you never know.. maybe the pope was interested in Compassion Fatigue?


  1. Hey who knows! Maybe it was him, that sounds like something he'd be interested in.

  2. Bob, I am not sure what you mend by that. But I hope the remark does not mean that you are going to start making swipes at the Catholics like the Catholic basher Tammeus.

    He is doing that two or three times, or more, every week.

    Between that and letting the atheists dominiate his MODERATED blog...where only the comments he approves go up...and say ANYTHING they want about Christians, including telling them to SHUT UP and DIE, its hard to say what he believes anymore.

    (Don't believe me, check search under his archies...those terms and terms like "psychotic", "delustional" and other person attacks are plentiful.

  3. Maybe you can tell me how you saw this as taking a swipe at the Catholics Andrew. It wasn't meant to be but I am interested in why you thought it was.

    I do suggest that you somehow find a way to reconcile your angst with Bill Tammeus and his blog.. you regularly bring him up here in a very pejorative way and I really don't know why you feel a need to criticize him here. I doubt that he reads these comments.

  4. If it was not meant to be a swipe, then I misunderstood and I apologize.

    But as to Tammeus, it happens regularly on his blog, and I have made no perjorative remarks.

    I have stated facts.

    And those are as stated, he lets atheists say ANYTHING they want about believers...after all, he approves the comments, but limits responses.

    I post here because he links to your blog and he and others there read it, and he certainly would not allow my comments on his blog.

    However, if you want me to quit posting, say so and I will respect your wishes.

  5. I do not want you to stop commenting Andrew but would prefer that you keep comments on topic. I do not moderate comments and try to be understanding and respectful of others' views. I do not understand why you feel a need to continually bring Bill and his blog into our conversations. I have already given you my views on it and do not understand what your purpose is in bringing it up.


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