Five Years Later

Kansas Bob was born five years ago today when I added my profile to Blogger and introduced An Eye for Redemption to the blogosphere. In light of this auspicious occasion I thought that I might share five things that I have learned these past five years writing here, on my other two blogs and at your place.
  1. People are drawn to vulnerability and transparency.. some of the most encouraging comments I have gotten was when I let my guard down.  Conversely folks have not reacted so well to my most sanctimonious rants.  Nobody likes a know-it-all.
  2. It is okay to be wrong.  On many occasions my views have been laid bare and exposed as narrow and ill-thought. I feel like I have grown as a person because of the kind and thoughtful ways that friends have pushed back on my views.
  3. I have learned to not take myself so serious.. I mean really.. you have to be pretty up tight if you are not able laugh at yourself and your idiosyncrasies. Maybe that is one great thing about the blogosphere.. you realize that your are really not all that smart.
  4. The largeness and smallness of the world amazes me.. visiting blogs from folks who live in Japan, Malaysia, Scotland, the Philippines, Australia, Canada, and other places.. and so many sites in the USA.. has made me aware of how connected we all are.. sometimes by ideology.. sometimes by curiosity.. and sometimes just by a desire to learn from other people.. even the ones they don't agree with.
  5. Online friendships.. not sure what I can say about the way that people who have never shaken my hand have shown care for me. Ann went in the hospital yesterday and many blogging friends offered prayers and cares about my wife and me.. one precious blogging friend from Texas even called me. This part of the phenomenon of blogging took me by surprise.
    I could say a lot more about blogging but I want to get your input. If you would be so kind.. and in celebration of the KB 5th birthday.. please list five things (more or less) in the comments section that you have learned since you began blogging or reading blogs.


    1. Blogging well takes a lot of time - more time than I gave it.

      Good blogging is a two-way street. A good blogger needs to read and comment with as much interest as he writes.

      Ranting doesn't yield many commenters looking for a discussion. It gathers more F-U's than attaboys.

      I have no talent for expressing myself in writing.

    2. Hi Bob,

      Congratulations on 5 years of blogging.

      Five things I have learnt from blogging are:
      (1) Good discipline to write short concise posts
      (2) Learn from others' blogs
      (3) Make great new friends (like you)
      (4) Links to other wonderful sources
      (5) Become part of the Global village

    3. I've learned that I haven't yet learned the lessons you have. I love to rant

    4. Interesting question Bob. I have to agree with some of the things the previous commenters wrote too.
      (1)I found out I have become a terrible speller
      (2)Its thrilling to be in touch with people all over the world. Like you, I probably will never meet them but there are some which have become my close friends through the wonder of the internet.
      (3)I spend far too much time in front of this screen. Wouldn't trade it though for the satisfaction it gives me
      (4)I found that I can post pictures I really like, for one reason or another, and not feel personally affronted if others don't like them. Because my photography is an extension of myself, it can be hard to just stick myself out there for the whole world to see.
      (5)I've learned I can't say anything in short, concise sentences....I must go on and elaborate...
      How is Anne today? I have been thinking of bothe of you.

    5. Happy Blog-irthday!

      1. That there are more viewpoints than I care to count.

      2. That mine is just one of them.

      3. That some people actually don't care what my opinion is.

      4. That some people do.

      5. That there are friendships that come and go on the 'net, just like in real life, and they can and do make lasting impacts.

    6. Happy Blogoversary, Bob!!!!! Yours is one of the first blogs I got "hooked on" and my life has been enriched by knowing you. I agree with everything you said about blogging and can't think of anything more to add. You and Ann are very special to me. Keep writing, your blog rocks my world!!!

    7. Congrats, Bob! You're doing good, bro! :)

    8. Congrats, Bob. It's always fun to interact with you on your blog. What have I learned from blogging? Well, I guess one thing I've learned is that it's easy to be taken the wrong way when the other person can't see you smile. I can't even count the number of times I've been misunderstood.

    9. it's when bloggers' guards are down that they or we write from the heart and we instantly recognize those kinds of posts and can relate

    10. I so appreciate the well wishes, sentiments and advice offered in the comments. I really resonate with many of those lessons that you all have shared. As Alex said it has been fun becoming part of this Global village.


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