Yes.. I know.. I am one fickle purveyor of internet browsers. A few years ago I was recommending the Internet Explorer tabbed browser called Slim Browser.. then last year I was singing the praises of Firefox.. so I will understand if you choose to tune me out with regard to browser technology. That said I will now sing the praises of the newest (i.e. beta) version of Google Chrome.

I downloaded it last week along with a boatload of extensions just to check it out and go back to using Firefox.. within a day I switched and Chrome became my default browser. I found Chrome to be much faster and the extensions to do pretty much everything I needed.

If you are interested in checking it out you can download it here and checkout the extensions here. Let me know if you do and if you like it.. and what extensions you found most helpful.

For the time being color me Chrome.


  1. I have been consideringdownloading chrome for a while now. I plan to download it on my home computer this weekend due to your rousing revew. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. OH love it...thanks for sharing these. I love Chrome but can't leave comment on Blogger blogs. I am hoping that problem goes away so I can use it more.

  3. Thanks Mr G for stopping by!

    Not being able to comment using Chrome (I am thinking you are using FF to comment) sounds like a cookie problem Barbara.. might want to check your Chrome cookie settings.


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