Working on Bearable

This cartoon is pretty representative of my week. My wife Ann checked into the hospital on Tuesday with an infection and checked out yesterday. The doctors found some kidney stones but were very noncommital about the connection of the stones to the infection.. or even about the best way to treat the infection.. they have already tried 3 other drugs. Hence they sent Ann home with an IV line and two more weeks of antibiotics.

I am becoming more and more convinced that doctors simply practice medicine.. frustrating and stressful when you (or a loved one) are the one they are practicing on L

Color me stressed and working on bearable.. and thankful for your support.


  1. Thinking and praying for you and Ann today. May you find peace in the midst of uncertainty, and feel love in the quiet of your hearts. You are joy.

  2. Its very frustrating when we look to the experts for help and they are unable or unwilling to help. I hope the meds destroy that infection and blast it into oblivion (can you tell I wrote that while listening to my nephew play a Star Wars game?"

  3. We could use a bit of Star Wars magic Barbara :)

  4. Bob, I am glad Ann is home and I pray the infection will soon be history. I don't know how a non-medical professional is supposed to deal with IVs and all that, but I also know people can rise to the occasion when loved ones are involved. :)

    As for bearable vs joy....I've been there more often than not, so I hear and feel for ya, Bob. Some people can't seem to distinguish the difference between (fleeting) happiness and holy joy..... or encouragement and criticism for that matter. Father, forgive them....sigh.

    Love to and prayers for you and yours, my friend. :)

  5. Practice of medicine..I've said the exact same words.

    Thanks for your honest expression.

    Ditto to what crownring said...
    Love to and prayers for you and yours, my friend.

  6. we were told at work that often times a well informed patient knows more than the doctor. We find this true about pregnancy


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