Wild at Heart in 2010

One of my ongoing life goals is to be wild at heart.. a phrase that I picked up a few years from a book that John Eldredge wrote.. a book that I never finished. The 10 points in this image illustrate a bit what it means to be wild at heart.. of course it is a bit silly to have rules about being wild.. consider these as a few suggestions.. they are elaborated on at this site.. here are a few clips from it with a few of my comments:
  • Know who you are, by forgiving who you're not. Who we are is important. Don't change "you" for someone else or to fit what you think someone wants you to be.

    There is something freeing about being comfortable in your own skin and not feeling a need to "fit in" to the expectations that other have of you. Living from my heart has been a freeing experience for me.

  • Treasure your dreams. Work at keeping your dreams alive while waiting for the opportunity to weave them into your current situation.

    Dreams have been a tough aspect of this for me in this season of my life.. most of mine have come to pass.. dreaming new dreams has been a challenge.. I am wanting to dream again in 2010

  • Know the difference between anger and wild. The difference is important because it can direct your behavior for your own good or to your detriment.

    Really difficult one for me.. this past year I have wrestled with anger in its many forms - bitterness, disappointment and frustration have all been draining and de-motivating forces in my life.

  • Contribute to others' well-being. It isn't all about yourself. It is about you as part of humankind, as part of the amazing place we call Earth. You have an obligation to treasure the life you have and to respect the lives of others.

    I love this aspect! In a sense I think that if being wild at heart does not encourage others then I have to wonder if it is really being narcissistic at heart
I think that this phrase from the article is very descriptive of the essence of the message:
Wild is knowing who you are, what you want and striving for the freedom to enjoy the adventure of life. Wild is unlocking cages that prevent you from becoming who you are fully and making a full contribution to the world.
A wild heart is a free one.. my hope is that this year will be a freeing one for me and for you as we continue to embrace and live from our heart.

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  1. These are important words to live by. I really have to chew on them. I think they are my hearts desire too, but its making the effort to not settle for second best. this year has been good for me and its easy to just coast. That being said...I want the Wild Heart in 2010.


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