Unused HDTV

A recent ZDNet article reported:
According to a new report from market research firm In-Stat, 17 million of the 39 million U.S. households that have a HDTV (or 44 percent) don’t make use of high-def programming available from their cable or satellite providers (or, apparently, even over-the-air local HD channels).

My initial reaction to this finding is to blame TV makers, retailers, and/or programming providers for still not educating consumers that they can only see things in high-def if they have an HD source, but In-Stat analyst Michael Paxton told CD Freaks that the cost and the relative dearth of high-def programming are the biggest reasons people are sticking with standard-definition content. In fact, Paxton says that lack of knowledge about HD has waned as a reason for people not watching in high-def.
I am a part of the 56% who enjoy HD.. can't beat sporting events in HD and, generally speaking, I think everything looks.. and sounds.. better in HD.

What do you think? Do you have an HDTV? Do you watch HD shows?


  1. I personally love my HDTV. Agree with you, sports in HD is incredible.

  2. Finally, more and more channels are switching over to HD (thanks Golf Channel). When I first got my HDTV, I would purposely find things to watch on the HD channels because I quickly could not stand watching standard definition.

    The ONLY way to watch sports is in High Def.


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