Superbowl: Cardinals vs Steelers

The Monday morning quarterback in me just had to make a prediction.. drumroll please.. after a weekend glued (well not quite) to the playoffs on TV.. I think that Arizona will beat Philly and Pittsburgh will best Baltimore this coming weekend. Of course my winner picking average was only 50% this past weekend :(

Who are your picks to play in the big game?


  1. I'm picking the same two, though my results this past week were 25%. Not too promising for my career in prognostication.

  2. Kansas Bob,
    Arizona....of course!!! Smiles :)

    ~Amy :)

  3. I do think Pittsburgh will beat Baltimore but I am not particularly confident that Arizona will beat Philly. Philly is a dangerous, rough and tumble team. Arizona is on a real high right now and I hope they can continue their Cinderella story but suspect they will have a real hard time moving the ball with any consistency against Philly and if the game turns into a grind it out kind of game then my gut tells me Philly has the edge....

  4. It will be interesting to see how Arizona plays at home.. Carolina didn't fare too well at home but maybe the Cardinals will.


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