The Other Dark Meat

A raccoon carcass went into a big pot a few weeks ago at the KC area home of Billy Washington. “It’s a long-hidden secret that they’re so good,” he said.
Check out this KC Star article that says eating varmints is even in vogue these days, at least in Britain. The New York Times reported last week that Brits are eating squirrels with wild abandon.

Hate to ask.. anybody ever eaten raccoon?


  1. Never had raccoon and I can't imagine even messing with trying to eat a squirrel which has to be about 90% bones.

  2. If anyone wants some, we have a lot where I live. LOL There are at least 2 dead squirrels/racoons hit by cars down our street each week. They are everywhere in East Texas. I just don't know if I would eat them.


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