Do you still buy CDs?

This CNet article asks the question that titles this post. It says that a recent report projects that it won't be until 2012 that download sales surpass CD sales.

I confess that I still buy music CDs.. I also occasionally play (copied from CD) MP3 type mucic on my PC and Smartphone. Maybe I need this hybrid CD/MP3 player pictured right?

How about you? How do you get your music?


  1. I still buy CDs. I remember the days of album art and liner notes. I don't have the time to read all that in detail the way I once did. But, I always think one day I might.

    If I only want one tune from an artist, I'll buy it on iTunes. But, if I want the whole album, I figure the CD is better quality and often the CD is the same price or less than the iTunes album. I get a lot of CDs used from and almost never pay more than $10.00 for a used CD, including shipping.

    I'm surprised by these stats though. I thought our breed was dying more quickly than it is.

  2. What's a CD. Is that a new release on Itunes?

  3. I like CDs because I have freedom to do what I want with them. No DRM to get in the way and block me from putting it on my PC at home & work, my phone, my wife's phone and my daughter's phone. I can make all the copies I want, as long as it's for my own use.

    That said, now that iTunes is going DRM free, I may download more.

  4. I get them for free to review on my music blog :) I typically give them away to spread the love...but i am NOT giving away the new Springsteen which should be arriving any day, several weeks before the official release!


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