"Best Of" Collections

I have been listening to this Four Tops greatest hits CD that Santa Ann bought me for Christmas and I remembered how I started collecting greatest hits CDs.

In 1995 I bought a new Jeep Grand Cherokee and had to choose between a tape player and a CD player.. and I chose a CD player even though I did not have one CD.. I was a cassette guy.. as most folks were.

Back then I mostly bought Christian worship CDs.. I still love to listen to artists like Matt Redman and recordings of worship celebrations. So, it took me a few years to start collecting my favorite artists and many times I bought the greatest hits versions to save money. Here are a few of them in no particular order:
  • Best of Bond.. my friend Barbara sent this one to me.. all of the songs and music from all of the 007 movies.. simply rejuvenating!
  • 16 Biggest Hits of Johnny Cash.. I love to listen to Johnny's raspy voice telling those wonderful stories in song
  • The Very Best of Chicago.. I queue this CD up and find myself back in 1971 when I first fell for their music.. my Blood, Sweat and Tears greatest hits album has the same effect on me.
  • Roy Orbison.. Hits You Remember.. one of the most unique voices of the Rock era.. when I think of Roy I think of Rockabilly music.. I simply love Blue Bayou.
  • Kenny G.. Greatest Hits.. this CD and my Stan Getz' Sound of Jazz are representative of my small interest in Jazz.
  • The Best of Neil Diamond.. so many favorites on this one,, Brooklyn Roads is a long-time favorite.. reminds me of going to school in Brooklyn and gives me cause to reminisce.
  • Carman.. The Absolute Best.. the album is a fun Christian one with songs like "The Champion"
How about you? Do you have any "Best of" collections that you might recommend?


  1. Hadn't thought of Carmen in just ages. I loved the Champion.
    Love the Oakridge Boys,actually an Elvis fan, love Big Band music. I could go on and on...lets just say I have very eclectic tastes in music.
    Happy New Year 2009 Bob.

  2. I could use an Elvis Greatest Hits CD Laura.. hmmm..

  3. I love my Platter's CD, my Johnny Cash CD, Kenny G and Kenny Rogers, love Rob Orbison...the list goes on...

    What would we do without music of all kinds!!
    Rick Warren says there is no such thing as "Christian" music, on Christian lyrics.

    I better get busy and post something for 2009!!!


  4. sorry, meant to say "only" Christian lyrics.

  5. Great thought Wanda.. many times I have heard folks demonize the music when the lyrics are pretty good.. I have been know to do it with Rap music and I think our folks might have had that reaction to Rock and Roll.. guess it is just hard to stay young in heart :)

    My wife is more of a James Taylor fan than I am Mark.. but I do like Fire and Rain.. of course I like the Blood, Sweat and Tears version a bit more :)

  6. I have a bunch of "best ofs" because it was sometimes the only way to get some tunes about 10 years, ago. That was when many cool old albums weren't being reissued on CDs. The problem w/ "best ofs" is that they rarely are. However, (& you probably have most of these, already) you can't go wrong w/ any best of for Sam Cooke (even the old Soul Stirrers), Platters, Brook Benton, Otis Redding, 5 Blind Boys, Chambers Bros, Merle Haggard, Charley Pride, Waylon, Willie, Hank Sr, Don Williams, ... & a few million others. :-) td

    Blessings, in this New Year!

  7. Nice list mibman.. gave me a few idea there.. thanks!


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