ObamaGuzzler on eBay

Barack Obama’s old car (pictured above) is being sold on Ebay with a starting bid of $101,000. Here are the eBay details:

2005 Chrysler 300c HEMI - Loaded and Equipped with: Navigation, Sunroof, Leather, Only 20,000 Certified Miles.Still under Manufacturer's Extended Warranty (maxicare bumper to bumper) until the car is 7 years old or has 50,000 miles, which will be transferred to the new owner.

As stated in the title, this 300c was previously driven by Barack Obama 2004 through 2007. Park Plaza Dodge (the dealer that original delivered the car to Barack Obama) will verify its authenticity. You can reach any Finance Manager at Park Plaza Dodge at 708 366 1001. Park Plaza Dodge is willing to handle the closing of the sale if desired.
I guess the new president hasn't always been "green". Bidding ends on Inaugaration Day so it is not too late to place a bid.. but I suspect the auction may be cancelled. Any takers?


  1. None of us has been green. I'm impressed he drove the same car for more than one year.

  2. He was a state senator then, right? Not a high paying job.

    The 300C is a decent car, but not worth 100K, no matter who drove it. I suspect a 4 year old Chrysler is worth maybe $20K.

    Someone tried to do the same with the Pope's VW Golf right after he was sworn in or nominated or whatever it's called for the Pope. :-D

  3. Crazy spam bidders rocketed it up to a million bucks. It's been taken down and relisted with approved bidders only, still at $100K.

  4. Good point Karen.. we ain't green!

    I guess even eBay has spam Doug.. I think that this is the second time that they have had to relist the car.

  5. Not worth $100,000,no matter who owned it and its not new either.
    Nope I drive my clunker until it falls apart.

  6. Thought it was interesting that it says it was *previously driven*, but not owned. Was this a gift or a rental?


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