Bullwinkle's Canadian Cousin

Here is a great story from my email inbox:

A train had hit the mother, but her calf was spared, so the man in the picture took it home and nursed it from a new born, and it never left. The moose stayed around with his horses and slept in the barn, so ingeniously, he started harnessing it with his horses. When they finally died, the bull moose still didn't leave, not even during the rut season, so the old man used the huge moose for his work. This guy lives up in Grenfell Saskatchewan, Canada.


  1. An amazing story. Never saw anything like it before.

  2. oh my gosh i am sitting here crying. thanks for sharing this!

  3. I'm just loving this story. Doesn't it show the power of a mother's love, even if it's a man!!! That baby moose was so fortunate...that's love.

    Thanks Bob....


  4. Marty moose, marty moose. That's me. Ah yuk ah yuk ah yuk


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