Fearless Bob

According to these five questions:
  • I am fearless!
  • I see life as my one chance to experience everything, and I just go for it!
  • I believe the biggest risk is being afraid and missing out on something amazing.
  • Sometimes my fearlessness means I'm daring. 
  • I enjoy risky activities.
  • And sometimes my fearlessness means I'm courageous.
  • I'm brave enough to do the right thing, even when it's scary.
It is quite obvious that they have never met ultra-conservative no-risk me!

Take the quiz and tell me what your word is.


  1. My word is peace. I'm not sure a five-word quiz can identify me :)

  2. That was a neat quiz! My word was hope.

  3. Mine is Hope. I guess hoping to have time in a bottle.

  4. Peace, love and hope.. I need to retake that test :)

  5. I need to retake that test

    LOL ... it's okay Bob, we need to have you with us to pave the way so we can sow peace, hope and love.

  6. No you shouldn't Bob! =)
    I was thinking, I hope that I get fearless. LOL I would love to be more fearless. (you know, just bolder)

  7. Peace as well. I noticed, however, that they didn't list scullery maid for one of the occupations in the 1700s.

  8. "Peace" for me .. if only ..
    and i agree with the others, need some of that courage!

  9. Another "peace" here. I'm beginning to sense a pattern...


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