Inauguration Day

This headline and picture from the Chicago Tribune captures the day for me.. it is a great moment in America.. a day that causes much emotion to well up in me.

Please join me in asking our Father to grant Barack Obama wisdom and knowledge that he may lead and govern our nation in a manner pleasing to God.


  1. I pray in agreement with you before the Father.

  2. There were two things I couldn't have imagined while growing up:
    1. Paying $4 agallon for gas (or even $1 for that matter!)
    2. Having a man of color (or a woman) as President of the USA.

    My paradigms have been shattered.

    Who can even begin to know the future?

  3. Bob, My husband and I just came back from our church.
    The doors were open to watch the inauguration on the giant screens. The place was filled even though we were watching it at 8:15 in the morning..right at commute time. It was followed by prayer for the President, the nation and all the way down to our local government and our church. It was a thrilling time to be a part of (bad English, I know)
    About the camera. I just got a new camera in December. I'm struggling to learn it though its no way as complicated as the cameras most use on these blogs.
    My camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3. My son suggested it because it has auto setting that does the work for me, but also has manual mode so I can set things myself. This camera has image stablization and a black and white setting wich my other camera didn't have. It also has a larger screen. Things I'm not so wild about...its heavier than my Cybershot though it does feel good in my hands. One of the big things for me is the lens doesn't retract flat like the Cybershot. I realize its because of the manual settings but I love carrying the camera in my purse and this is now more difficult to do. No more sliding it into the pocket. The other thing I have to get used to is no view finder. I was spoiled and used it when I couldn't see what I was taking on the screen due to glare.
    I'm not too brave fiddling with the settings but I am taking a photography class Thursday evening so maybe I can learn more and cut through the gobblty gook of the huge manual. All those names and directions make me crazy. Its like my computer, I'm learning everything backwards from the wrong end. Pray for my knowledge retention!!
    I am pleased with what this camera's capabilities are. I really loved my Cybershot but the lens was starting to give me problems so I bit the bullet and am moving on.
    My son swears by Nikon and takes fabulous photos. You can find his blog at
    take a look. He could probabley give you some great camera purchasing pointers too.
    My goodness this turned into a novella..sorry.


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