The Obameter is tracking President Elect Obama's promise keeping record. They have listed over 500 campaign promises. Check them out here.


  1. This should be interesting. I'm sure the media will give him a pass on most things, considering their love for him.

    I saw an article from 2005 that trashed Bush for his "outrageously expensive" inauguration, which cost about $40 million. When they mention the $100+ million cost of Obama's inauguration, it is done with praise!

    I'm not upset with Obama--I'm upset with the media. Any President who cannot be scrutinized isn't a President but a dictator.

  2. Ugh, he has pretty much set himself up for failure.

    MTR is right though you aren't going to hear much about this from the media.

  3. Agree about all of this elaborate inaugural stuff Matt.. in comparison maybe Bush was a $40m conservative - lol.

    Not sure I understand Shane.. is it that he has promised too much.. things he cannot deliver? Any of those 510 promises that you have in mind?

    Thx, Bob


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