Rescued Pets

I saw a spot on TV this morning about and it reminded about the day that we adopted Whitey the Westie from a rescue organization. I can hardly think about those days and not remember how Whitey came to us wounded and afraid.. over the years he turned into a loving pet that was such a blessing to us. Our daughter even helped him win a few 4H ribbons!

Do you have a pet adoption story to share?


  1. Of course!
    All of our cats (we've had 8) have been rescues...Lucy came to us through a friend...poor kitty was found in a Petco parking lot staying by her little brother who had died...she was 4 months old when we got her and she had changed hands 4 times. Never weaned properly and she likes to be kept company when eating!
    Our Lizzie hung around the neighborhood for weeks til we finally took her in. She has a great personality.
    Gracie the lab was the result of me telling my youngest son, "If God wants us to have a dog, He'll bring us a dog!!" 2 weeks later a client was trying to get rid of her..just a scrawny pup of 8 weeks, because she had fallen in their pool and nearly drowned..and he didn't have time for that. She drove us nuts and we considered giving her up because of her high energy, but the Lord told me she'd save my life...and she has. She became ill and we discovered a congenital kidney oddity and our opinion of her changed radically as we searched for ways to keep her healthy and alive..and still do.

  2. Well Bob, I wouldn't call it an adoption story.... but over the years our kids would bring home animals....and of course we would keep them... then the kids would move out...and NOT take the pet, so Dad and I would raise it...
    In fact it happened many times.
    Jill brought home a small handful of beautiful black fur.... A year later Sam weighed over a 100 lbs. Part Rotweiler part shepherd. She brought home a Mastive puppy....Kesha weighed over 145 at maturity.... cats, too many to mention....but we are animal lovers so we loved them all.

    Now we just have our little 9 lb Shih Tzu named Molly. She's the only one the kids didn't bring home, we actually got her ourselves!!

    Whitey the Westie sounds wonderful!
    I'll check out the link.


  3. Well I didn't adopt anything from anywhere, but I used to find abandoned animals like squirrel babies and bunny babies and then feed them kitten milk (from the pet store) and let them get big and then slowly transition them to the outdoors again. Once I had a bunny and I had a vet who agreed to just look at it for a second for free to tell me if it was old enough to release into the wild- that vet said that she had never heard of a wild bunny successfully being taken care of by people and getting big enough to release into the wild! At first it was all limp and had no will to live it seems. Then I took it home to my parents where they had a pet bunny, and as soon as it smelled my mom's pet bunny, it jumped up to life and chased that rabbit around. I just can't have enough pets. OH yeah. Once in 8th grade I cried because the teacher was going to feed a mouse to the snake so he let me have the mouse. I guess I adopted it. hee hee!

  4. Great stories all!

    And now, by the power vested in me by the state of Blogdom, I dub thee Heather.. princess of wounded bunnies and squirrels :)


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