Do You Have a Will?

6/30/09 Update: The news that pop-star Michael Jackson may not have a will is further evidence of how many people do no think about what will happen to their children and their property when they die. It is sad to see the people fighting in court over the custody of Jackson's children.

Have you considered what will happen if you die? Do you have a life insurance policy? Do you have a will? Who will adminsiter your estate if something happens to you?

3/10/08: In the common law, a will or testament is a document by which a person (the testator) regulates the rights of others over his or her property or family after death. It is extremely important that this document is kept up-to-date and reflects your desires.

Unfortunately movie star Heath Ledger did not keep his updated and his two year old daughter was not included in his will. All of his estate will go to his parents and three sisters. His father says that they will take care of Heath's daughter.. his grand daughter.. we can only hope that she will be dealt with in a generous fashion and that money will be put in trust for her education and her future.

Maybe this post will prompt you to update your will.. or maybe it will cause you to create one.. in either case I hope that you will act responsibly. Please feel free to share any stories that you may have around this.


  1. Good reminder- I do need to update, especially since I feel half dead this AM.

  2. Half dead? I am still laughing out loud - really! I so wish that I couldn't relate to being half dead in the morning. Of course I am on my 2nd cup of $tarbucks and coming back to life :)

  3. Good reminder Bob ~~ and I see we are Starbucks buddys~~

    I really enjoy the variety of your posts ~~ Good reading.

  4. Once our second child was born, my wife and I really decided we had to do that. We now both have wills and things are prepared in the event that something should happen. And I can also really attest to the quality of work (and the cost) of - that worked really well for us.

  5. No I don't have a will. Freewill is just an illusion created by...

    What? This isn't a post arguing freewill over determinism? Ooooohhh, that kind of 'will'. What do you mean I should read entire posts before reacting?


    Nice spin of the recent celebrity death news. I really don't care much about celebrities but a reminder like this is quite valuable.

  6. Yep, we have had a will since our first child was born. Unfortunately custody battles can be nasty. Hard to believe someone like MJ didn't have a will.

  7. sidfaiwu, I too thought for a second that this was going to be about free will. ;-)

    Bob, thanks for the reminder. I've been meaning to create a will and just never have. Now that I'm a home owner it's a good idea.

  8. Counting me, 2 of 7 commenters do not have a will. That's not good. I've worked on one a couple of times but have never followed through to completion.

    I think I'll try LegalZoom recommended by NoVA Dad.


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