Tweets from Iran

I have been following some students from Iran on Twitter. This is what they have been saying (in no particular order) about the current crisis in that country:
  • it is still unbelievable, but our exam is at 8am tomorrow morning!
  • Masood is now chanting "down with basij" and people are following!
  • 1 killed & 3 badly injured in Yazd (hometown of ex president Khatami) I hope some of these news to be rumors.
  • yes I'm already wearing my father's black shirt & went to see kasra's family, it was a horrible experience.
  • Hamed from Tabriz confirmed 2 killed in Tabriz's engineering university. thing really getting awful for all students around the country
  • Basij now moving with motorcycles in streets trying to scare people to stop chanting. it is not working anymore
  • people are now chanting "down with the dictator" and "God is Great" on the roofs.
Following feeds like this really gives you a different perspective on the Iranian situation. Even though the reporting is somewhat anecdotal the news is pretty impacting.. the pictures that they link to are very troubling. I guess all any of us can really do is pray and hope for the best.

Update: Here is a picture from one of their Twitter links.. amazing number of marchers.


  1. I've read the Iranian government is doing everything it can to block transmission of what's happening on the streets. However the students with twitter and cell phones aren't letting that stop them.

    Iran's economy is in shambles and the Iranian people are fed up with it and with the government calling for more and more sanctions against the freedom of women. I hope and pray this revolt also will be the beginning of the end of Iran's nuclear ambitions. We've enough trouble right now with that North Korean ding dong!

  2. guess the internet really is a valuable weapon... both in war and peace


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