My cyberfriend Amy recently posted a review of this Bill Maher movie. I recommend her post to you.. here are a few excerpts from it.
  • I discovered that what Maher was addressing was potentially the exact same thing that I began addressing a little over 3 years ago for the first time, then about a year ago more deeply: Is my “Religion” real?
  • I went into watching this movie desiring to gain insight into how others, who are skeptical, at the least, view Christianity and faith.
  • Time after time, one thing was evident – most Christians have no idea what they believe or why they even believe it.
  • A few seem to really get what was being depicted, but nonetheless, I felt a wrenching within me that was sickened to see how we’ve exploited the sacrifice of Jesus and marketed and merchandised Him.
  • I was embarrassed many times as I know that when I state that I’m a Christian, these kind of depictions are likely what your average person that is outside of the Christian bubble will think of.
  • Getting back to the focus of the movie, if you get offended by people questioning the validity of God, you will hate this film. However, I must ask you why?
If you have seen the movie or just have a few ideas about it I suggest that you read Amy's review of it and maybe leave a comment at her place.. and I will keep up with the dialog over at her place as I have already shared my comments over there.