What Makes Life Worth Living?

Last weekend our local paper, the KC Star, had an article titled
What is the main thing that makes life worth living? The question was posed to two local clergymen. Here are a excerpts from their answers:

Duke Tufty, pastor, Unity Temple on the Plaza:
First, don’t take life so seriously. Our world, and especially our culture, is fraught with worry, fear and anxiety. Most of which does nothing but deteriorate our physical and mental health.

Secondly, don’t take things so personally. Much of the anger, angst and negative energy you encounter has nothing to do with you.

Lastly, remember in the grand scheme of things your daily objective is a simple one. Fit into this world and be a beneficial presence.
Pat Rush, pastor, Visitation Catholic Church:

A happy, worthwhile life is achieved through a sense of integrity with one’s higher values and better self. Faithfulness to others for the long haul and not just when it is easy, generosity in our response to those who rely on us and to those less fortunate, forgiveness of offenses real or imagined, and moral and ethical decision-making, these together make life worth living.
I liked both answers.. especially not taking life so seriously and things so personally.. needed advice for KB for sure. You can read their complete answers here.

What do you think about their advice? How would you answer the question?

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