New Free AntiVirus Software

Ever been infected by a computer virus? Do you currently have anti-virus software running on your computer? Do you regularly update it with new virus definition files?

If you do not have anti-virus software you may be interested in this report on Microsoft's new free software called Security Essentials. Here are a few excerpts from the report:
  • Microsoft has officially unveiled its long-awaited consumer antivirus offering. Formerly code-named “Morro,” it’s now been christened Microsoft Security Essentials, and it will enter public beta testing next week.
  • No subscription is required for ongoing definition updates, either. The final release is scheduled for this fall.
  • MSE requires validation, which means it won’t be available to anyone using a pirated copy of Windows. But it won’t require registration or personal information of any kind.
  • The MSE download is impressively lightweight. The x64 copy I installed on Windows 7 was 3.8 MB in size; x86 copies are 4.8 MB for Vista/Windows 7 and 7.7 MB for Windows XP. Installation (including the most recent definition updates) took less than four minutes and, as promised, the initial setup didn’t require any personal information or registration.
  • A new study (May 2009) by the independent AV-Comparatives group gave Microsoft OneCare (which shares the same engine and signatures as MSE) its highest (Advanced+) rating.
My ISP provides anti-virus software free of charge.. if they didn't I think I'd be interested.

What do you think? Are you interested? What anti-virus software do you use?

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