Type B is for Bob

So I took this test on Facebook and discovered (after taking an extensive battery of 5 test questions) that my personality type is Type B. Here is how I am perceived after completing this exhausting test:

"Although you are an assertive, natural born leader, you don't mind being led. No doubt, you may procrastinate at times but you really are a hard-worker. However, you know when to cool down and have fun. You make sure you incorporate rest into your day and often feel agitated without a good dose of alone time."

Once upon a time I think I would have been a high 'type A' personality.. I was wired and driven in seemingly every area of my life.. especially the work and religious areas. My worldview of success was so very black and white.. I thought I knew where I wanted to go and how to get there. Then my first wife died and everything began to 'slowly' change.

Fifteen years later I am constantly reminded that life is not about 'achievements'.. life is about living. For years I thought I would find 'joy' in my successes.. only to be disappointed when my 'dreams' came true and I was a 'success' in my own eyes. I found that 'success' in life is not what we think it is.

These days I don't think so much about the illusive 'joy' but focus more on 'enjoy'.. enjoying the simple things of life.. hugging my wife.. conversations with my kids.. playing with my grandkids.. a single glass of red wine and a nice meal. Life can really be wonderful.. even when it is not.. when our focus is simply 'enjoying' it. It is a matter of living from your heart instead of your head.

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