Do Good Samaritans Pickup Hitchhikers?

My policy is to generally not stop for hitchhikers.. but this picture and accompanying scripture verse cause me to pause. How about you.. do you ever stop for hitchhikers?


  1. I do not stop for hitchhikers. I would stop for a certian man who was stipped of his clothing, wounded and left for half dead as it says in Luke 10.

  2. I stop to help those in need. Hitchhikers usually aren't desperate.

  3. I don't stop for hitchhikers but I've been known to give one an umbrella in a storm or offer from my car stash of granola bars if somebody looks hungry.

    If someone's car is disabled, I might ask if they're without cell phone and offer to call for help.

    But no. It's imprudent and stupid to invite a stranger into my car. It would be poor stewardship over what God's given over to my care, namely my life and ability to serve those God's made me responsible for..

  4. In the 60's we did stop for a few hitchhikers. One time it was a young woman and small child... we took them home let them shower and bath the child, clean hair, clean clothes, and hot meal. They spent the night, and we bought a ticket to Omaha to send them back home.

    Another time, it was a runaway...we got them a ticket back home too...

    But today, life seems so different...we don't pick them up anymore...But I also notice...we hardly ever see them nowadays.

    I hadn't thought about those two incidents for years...



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