Are clones just twins?

In an articled titled "Clone Me, Clone You: Does the Soul Get Copied Too?" asks the question: "Would a cloned human being have a soul?" Here are a few answers to the question given by commenters:
"Cloning occurs TODAY and has been going on since before mankind. Identical twins ARE clones exactly as as a scientist could only dream of making (so far)."

"What kind of a moron are you? Identical twins don't have souls any less identical than the souls of a clone and the person it was cloned from. This isn't some kind of a theological quagmire."

"What an utterly inane question. As has been pointed out, a clone is merely a fancy name for a twin (albeit an artificially conceived twin). The notion of clones as zombielike doppelgangers is just sci-fi nonsense."
Seems to me that the twin argument might hold water. Any alternate ideas out there? Are clones just twins? Does the presence of genetic matter presuppose the existence of a soul?


  1. If God exists, and people have souls, does anyone think humans have the ability to not include them in new human beings? I think what they really want to know is are clones human.

  2. I was wondering if I'd get any comments on this one Mike.. don't think many are interested in this issue.

    I think a cloned human (if/when there be one) would be human in every sense.. why wouldn't they?

  3. That is my thinking as well, but I think science fiction over the years has instilled some fear into some people, who think clones will be soulless monsters.

  4. "soulless monsters".. I know some of those.. but don't think they are clones :)

  5. It's more efficient to say politician. ;-)

  6. My wife and I had twins. There were days when I thought they might be soulless monsters, but it turns out all teenagers are like that.

    This is an "angels on the head of a pin" question. Life is sacred, and the nature of life and souls resides in the hands of God. If we cause a life to be created, whether by natural or artificial means, it is still a life, and it will have as much soul as any other.

  7. I know for a fact that 9,564,879,234,872 angels can fit on the head of a pin. ;-)

  8. I hear you ASM.. Ii had teenagers.. agree that "it is still a life".

    And I guess I would need some specifics about that needle :)


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