Ziggy on Absolutes

The many changes these days in the economy gives one cause to pause about what you can be sure of. Once upon a time I had a firm grasp of life and could have listed off many things that I was "sure of".. these days the list is not quite as long as it used to be. Without using a cliche.. what things are you "sure of" these days?


  1. Bob,

    I am sure that uncertainty and ambiguity will always continue to be a part of my life but I am also sure that beauty,grace, and love will continue to break through most often when I least expect it.

  2. I am sure that God has a plan which is more perfect than anything we can imagine or implement under our own power, and that when he seems to be absent from us, he's working in the background to complete this perfect plan.

  3. That fact remains that any person can "see the light" and turn around from their sins, even Obama. In THIS sense we can "pray for the king" hoping that Mr. Obama will change. Personally, I believe he is a Muslim and a bum... but the Bible stands, and there is salvation and redemption until the Father says no.

    Tom S


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