Shaving Your Head for the Troops

Yesterday comedian Stephen Colbert, from Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" got a military style haircut from General Raymond Odierno, Commander of the Multinational Corps in Iraq. Note his camo blazer.

So.. tell the truth.. would you shave your head for the troops?

Send me a photo if you do :)


  1. Hey Bob,

    If you saw my head, you'd know the military would pay me to keep my hair! LOL! There's that old saying....In the beginning, God created only so many perfect heads. On the rest He put hair.

    BTW, lately I've seen some young ladies sporting pink camo. I'm not quite sure what to think of it!


  2. Bob, I would really consider doing it.... I mean I support our troops big time... But somehow, I just don't think Don would like it!!!

    Maybe I should shave his head?? :)

  3. I look bad enough with hair that I can't risk going without.

  4. NO WAY! Sorry, I would cut my hair short for them but not shave my head.

    Just being honest.


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