Theology of Intolerance

This video comes your way through a recommendation from Sarah at
accidental blog (recently added to my blogroll). Like Sarah I have never read anything written by Brian McLaren. I found this interview to be both informative and insightful. Brian discusses how he has responded to attacks on him and his books. He also speaks to (what I call) the theology of intolerance ... a theology I once embraced when I was a Charismatic Fundamentalist. The interview makes me want to go out and buy one of Brian's books - any recommendations for a first read?


  1. I'd recommend "A Generous Orthodoxy" Bob. It kind of sums up where Brian is theologically. His fiction trilogy is really entertaining. I enjoyed that. Also, The Secret Message Of Jesus.

  2. Thanks Brian!! Might try "A Generous Orthodoxy".

  3. Really appreciate Brian's language of humility; so genuine. He says, "If God is using me, he picked [me] someone show is easy to ignore". To the Glory of God. Anyone who references Jackson Browne (around minute 17) is tops in my book {big smile}.


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