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I guess one person's feast is another's horror flick! Can you relate to walking out of a movie theater just loving it and the person that sat next to you for the last two hours hated it. I felt that way about the first Lord of the Rings movie.. my wife loved it but I just thought it was okay.. don't write me off though.. I did get sucked into the story with the second and third Rings installments.. really loved the last one.

Have you had any movie experiences like this? What movie(s) did you disagree on? Feel free to share your horror story J

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  1. You cartoon is horrifying enough!

    This one isn't really a disagreement but you reminded me of it :) our most "memorable" movie was Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx's Collateral. My husband and I thought it was so so so boring but when we checked later, it had a 86%. We went HUH??? We still don't get it.

    If you really want one we disagree on, then it will definitely be any of the romantic movies - he would walk out with an incredulous look on his face! lol


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