Greatest Film Soundtrack

According to this Reuters article "Purple Rain" topped the chart of movie soundtracks that have been named as the 50 greatest by the editors at Vanity Fair.. even though it was described as "perhaps the best badly acted film ever". These films rounded out the top 10.
10) The Big Chill
9) American Graffiti
8) Saturday Night Fever
7) Trainspotting
6) Superfly
5) The Graduate
4) Pulp Fiction
3) The Harder They Come
2) A Hard Day's Night
1) Purple Rain
I was surprised that Grease didn't make the top 10. My favorite all time soundtrack is.. no surprise here.. Chariots of Fire. What is your favorite movie soundtrack? Don't think too hard.. okay if it just makes your top ten J


  1. Without looking beyond Reuters' top ten . . . my Top 10 would include these three:

    * Blade Runner
    * A Clockwork Orange
    * Blue Velvet


  2. I am fond of the running commentary by the choice of music in the movie "Casino."

    They skipped all the musicals, though. Maybe those aren't precisely soundtracks. I'd rather play "Oklahoma" at top volume in my car and sing along not so well that "Purple Rain."


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